RMF-Des-Case sustainable filter systems and products for hydraulic and lube oil systems to achieve the right oil cleanliness level and reduce the number of changes of large oil volumes. Desiccant breathers, offline filter systems with dept filters and water absorption filters. Particle counters.  

The long-term partnership with RMF has provided us with important knowledge about oil cleanliness in hydraulic and lubrication systems. RMF is today a Des-Case brand.  

RMF and Des-Case sustainable filter systems and products are engineered to improve oil cleanliness according to ISO 4406 in hydraulic and lube oil systems. Maintaining hydraulic systems is moving in the direction of condition-based maintenance with real-time monitoring and fewer manual operations. Additionally, there is an environmental perspective where consumption, hazardous waste and emissions need to be reduced. 

In a hydraulic system, oil is one of the most critical components. 80% of downtime in a hydraulic system is due to contamination. The hydraulic oil is not clean even if the oil is new. With our oil cleanliness knowledge, RMF and Des-Case filter systems and oil condition monitoring products we can help you solve oil contamination issues and improve the ISO level of oil cleanliness.  

The return on investment for one or more RMF og Des-Case products is gained through reduced machine component failures, fewer oil changes, less waste and increased uptime.  

RMF and Des-Case products from a Lekang Group company are covered by the Lekang Group Guarantee.  

RMF and Des-Case product range of sustainable filter systems and particle counters  

RMF and Des-Case Desiccant Breathers 

Desiccant breathers are installed on hydraulic oil tanks and reservoirs to prevent moisture and particulate contamination from entering the system.  
RMF desiccant breathers are designed to be repaired and maintained with spare parts. Instead of replacing the entire filter housing, you only replace the desiccants – the non-toxic silica gel.  

Des-Case breathers, with non-toxic silica gel, removes moisture and particles down to the size of 3 micron in oil reservoirs. It is a disposable filter, which provides a fast and easy service. 

AXTech chose RMF breathing filters for an accumulator on an offshore crane 

RMF Bypass filter system with dept filters 

Bypass filtration act as a kidney loop, draining oil from the main system. After oil has been filtered it returns to the system oil reservoir. The amount of oil extracted to be filtered is insignificant, ensuring the filtration will not affect the operation of the main system. By using elements with different filter fineness higher fluid cleanliness can be achieved. 

Why choose RMF bypass filter solution? 

  • High ROI with right conditions 
  • High dirt holding capacity due to stable flow 
  • Possible to retrofit on existing system for 24/ operation 
  • High obtainable level of cleanliness due to depth filtration 
  • Water absorbing filter elements   

RMF offline filter System with dept filters  

With RMF offline filter units the oil is extracted from the main system by an external pump, which makes it possible to filter the oil even when the main system is not in operation. Changing filter elements is made easy and can also be done without interrupting the main system.  

Why choose RMF offline filter solution? 

  • High ROI with right conditions 
  • System independent filtration 
  • High dirt holding capacity due to stable flow 
  • Possible to retrofit on existing system 
  • High obtainable level of cleanliness due to depth filtration 
  • Water absorbing filter elements   

RMF Vacuum Dehydration Units   

Des-Case Particle Counter

For a critical hydraulic system, we do recommend a particle counter as stationary installation, with or without remote monitoring. The particle counter from Des-Case measures particulate content, humidity and temperature levels in hydraulic and lube oils in real-time. Options with and without USB connection. Atex versions for water and glycol-based liquids. 

Particle counter CMSWMKUG1-2

RMF is a Des-Case brand 

Established 30 years ago, RMF has become a major player in the filtration market with a particular focus on offline/bypass filtration, desiccant breathers and condition monitoring solutions to a wide range of markets. 

RMF became a part of the Des-Case Corporation in 2018. 

Des-Case Corporation, headquartered in Goodlettsville, Tennessee, USA, was founded in 1983 to provide the lubricant industry with innovative specialty filtration products for lubricant protection.