Offline Filters Hydraulic


Offline filter units for hydraulic and lubrication oil maintenance.

With offline filtration the oil is extracted from the main system by an external pump, which makes it possible to filter the oil even when the main system is not in operation. Changing filter elements is made easy and can also be done without interrupting the main system.

Offline filter benefits:

  • High ROI with right conditions
  • System independent filtration
  • High dirt holding capacity due to stable flow
  • Possible retrofit on existing system
  • Very high obtainable level of cleanliness due to depth filtration

RMF/Des Case offline filter units

Lekang Group supplies a wide range of RMF/Des-Case offline filter units with extremely high efficiency.

  • Standard filter units for max 22,000 tank volume
  • Filter elements with micron ratings from 0,5
  • Water absorbing filter elements that can collect up to 2 liters of water.
  • Filter units with particle counter (picture above to the right)
  • Filter units with heaters

What is depth filtration?

With depth filtration, the oil is forced through the filter media, and the particles are trapped in the small openings of the media. Depth filtration media usually start as a pulp cellulose, consisting of fibers of different lengths. This pulp is rolled out into a sheet. To create a depth filtration element, over 200 layers of sheet are winded around the core of a filter element. Because of this construction, a depth filtration medium has pores of many different sizes. Depending on the pore sizes and time required for the oil to pass through the filtration element, this depth filtration media can be very efficient in capturing very small particles.