Separ filter

Separ fuel filters with water separators are installed on many heavy vehicles and boats. Lekang Group companies deliver Separ filter housings, filter elements, and filter trolleys for diesel cleaning from warehouses in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.   

The Separ filter products are engineered and manufactured by Willibrord Lösing Filtertechnik in Germany. The robust pre-filters were originally installed on many diesel generators and diesel engines used in construction, transportation, agriculture, and marine industries. SEPAR filters can also be easily retrofitted to achieve better diesel quality. 

Separ filter products from a Lekang Group company are covered by the Lekang Group Guarantee.  

Read our recommendations on 3-stage filtration to achieve the engine manufacturers’ requirements for fuel cleanliness 12/9/6 ISO 4406. 

SEPAR LKF coalescence filter  for diesel fuel

SEPAR LKF coalescence pre-filter removes water and particles from diesel fuel. It is characterized by its compact design and the use of lightweight materials. The plastic filter housing has a transparent bowl for water drainage. 

Capacities: 3 and 8 liter/min. Water sensor and integrated pump options. Installation before or after the fuel lift pump.  

Areas of applications: Diesel engines and generators within construction, transport, and agriculture. 

SEPAR SWK pre-filter with water separator 

SEPAR SWK pre-filter removes water and particles from diesel fuel by separation. The robust metal filter housing with drain bowl provides high efficiency and low pressure drop. The duplex version allows you to change filters while in operation. You can also drain the filter when it becomes clogged, and you do not have a spare element available.  

SEPAR SWK filter products are biodiesel resistant. 

Capacities: 5 – 260 liter/min. Options like water alarm, probes, vacuum manometer and heater. Class approvals.  

Installation between the fuel tank and the lift pump. Areas of applications: Diesel engines and generators within construction, transport, agriculture and marine (professional and pleasure boats).  

SEPAR LFM mobile filer trolley for light diesel fuel  

The mobile diesel fuel filter trolley is a perfect solution for effective water separation and purification of tanks in the off-line flow and for filling machines and mobile tank systems.  

Capacity: 40 liter/min 

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