Oil quality particle counters minimize the risk of costly downtime. 80% of the shutdowns in a hydraulic system are due to contamination. The hydraulic oil is not clean even if the oil is new. Particles passing moving parts in the system cause wear, and water and condensation affect the quality of the oil.

For a critical hydraulic system, we do recommend particle counter as stationary installation, with or without remote monitoring. The particle counter from RMF measure particulate content, humidity and temperature levels in hydraulic and lube oils in real-time. Options with and without USB connection. Atex versions for water and glycol-based liquids.

With several critical hydraulic systems and the need of regularly oil samples, we recommend a mobile particle counter. With quick results on oil quality, you can take actions as early as possible. Our mobile particle counters from RMF and Argo for on-site and laboratories, measure and store data on particles and humidity in real-time, according to ISO standards. Our mobile particle counters are very user friendly. The results can either be stored on the device or printed with the built-in printer.

Oil quality sensors for contamination monitoring