Fuel Filter

Fuel filters for diesel engines. Fuel filter with water separator. Diesel fuel filter - water separator - filter trolley. Automatic fuel treatment systems.

We recommend 3 stages of fuel filtration to meet machine manufacturers’ fuel cleanliness requirements 12/9/6 ISO 4406.

Stage 0 – Fuel storage tank filtration
Think extra filtration all the way from the fuel storage tank. With water-absorbing filter on the fuel storage tank, the amount of water and particles is reduced before the fuel reaches the tank on the machine.

Stage 1 – Fuel water separation
Many new machines are delivered without diesel prefilters. The standard filter installed on the engine will not be able to remove all particles and water. A fuel water separator removes both water and particles and protects the diesel injectors. We offer fuel water separators from Fleetguard in a variety of capacities and options like heater. Protecting the diesel injectors will save you a lot of maintenance costs.

Step 2 – Engine fuel filtration
If you have diesel quality problems or if you use the machines in rough conditions, we recommend that you upgrade the fuel filter to a high-quality fuel filter with Stratapore or Nanonet-media.

Fuel filter elements

Lekang Group has the largest range of fuel filters on the market for construction, transport, marine, aquaculture and land-based industries of brands such as Fleetguard, MANN FILTER, Racor and Separ.

Fleetguard FH Pro series – Diesel fuel water separator with fine filtration

Pre-filters for separation of both emulsified and free water from diesel for construction (off-highway) and transport. Due to the transparent filter bowl, you can easily see when the filter needs to be replaced. Capacities: 11.3 – 19 liters / min. Various options with water alarms, heaters and purity requirements. Series for classed vessels.

Separ LKF series – Diesel fuel water separator – Easy installation and service

Diesel fuel water separator, pre-filter for vehicles. Capacity: 3 or 8 l/min.

Separ SWK 2000 series – Market leader on diesel fuel water separator

Single and double pre-filter for separation of both emulsified and free water from diesel, for marine and construction (off-highway). With the duplex version, you can switch filters during operation. You can also drain the filter if it is clogged and you do not have a spare element available. Capacities: 5-260 liters / min. Various options like water alarm, water sensors (probes) and different micron. CE marked pleasure boats require heat shields (according to ISO 10088), and classed boats require metal bowls (DNV GL approved). Separ filter for gasoline engines is also in the range.

Separ diesel fuel filter water separator filter trolley

We supply Separ mobile diesel trolley. The filter trolley is a smart tool for contamination removal in stationary and mobile diesel tanks. It can also be used for diesel refilling from tank to machine. The filter effectively removes water and particles and has a working capacity of 40 l/min.

Filtration Group Automatic fuel treatment systems – Simplifies fuel maintenance on vessels

KFWA automatic back flushing filter is delivered as a single filter or ready-made facility on skids. FG Fluid Solutions (Filtration Group) offers two different automatic diesel purification systems. KFWA BY is installed between the main tank and the daytime tank. KFWA MAIN can replace the daytime tank on board.