Air Breathers


Hydraulic tank/reservoir air breathers.

70-80% of all water in hydraulic systems and gearboxes enters through conventional breathers. Therefore it is important to have a breather to remove both moisture and particles before the air enters the oil reservoir.

Air breather benefits:

  • Reduces water contamination​
  • Reduces oxidation of component surfaces​
  • Eliminates rusting due to condensation​
  • Longer oil life​
  • Reduces machine malfunction​
  • Extends machine useful life​

Air breathers are used on hydraulic tanks, lubricating oil systems, diesel tanks, transformers and gearboxes.

Lekang Group supplies high-quality air breathers from RMF Des-Case, Filtration Group, MP Filtri and Argo-Hytos.

RMF/Des-Case desiccant breathers:

  • Max capacity: 13,000 l/min
  • Threads/connections: M12 – Ø 100 mm
  • Disposable filter (replaces the entire filter) – make it simple
  • Filter with replaceable parts – environmentally friendly
  • Filter for water absorption with replaceable desiccants (non-toxic)
  • Other versions:
    • Oil demisters (MOL)
    • Active coal
    • Robust design for vibrations
    • SS316 material

AXTech chose RMF breathing filters for an accumulator on an offshore crane

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Silica gel in RMF breathing filters