Vacuum Dehydration Units Hydraulic


Vacuum Dehydration Units for hydraulic and lubricating oil maintenance.

The Vacuum Dehydration Units remove liquid, gas and solid contamination, which are corrosive and contribute to the reduction of machine life. Water, gas and solid particle contamination greatly increase maintenance costs and contribute to unwanted break downs or total machine failures. The dehydration units also protect the environment by reducing oil consumption and oil disposal along with its inherent costs and problems.

RMF/Des-Case Vacuum Dehydration Units

Lekang Group supplies Vacuum Dehydration Units from RMF/Des-Case for oil maintenance of bigger hydraulic systems. Vacuum Dehydration Units remove particles, gases and water. They are designed to be mounted for fully automatic operations in land based industries, ships, oil and gas applications.

  • Mini Water Vac can maintain an oil volume up to 3000 liters.
    Capacity 1,5 liters/min.
  • Maxi Water Vac can maintain an oil volume over 3000 liters.
    Capacity 8 liters/min.