RS decided to install an automatic fuel treatment system on the RS 126

On the rescue vessel RS 126 Harald V, they have recently replaced an older separator with KFWA automatic fuel treatment system. The benefits are easy maintenance and safe operations.

Redningsselskapet (RS), The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society, is a nationwide humanitarian association whose purpose is undertaking outreach and accident prevention initiatives to improve the safety of those at sea in Norway and abroad.

Being the main supplier of filters to the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society, it is important for Lekang Filter to support the crew of the vessels to simplify their filter handling and to secure safe operations. All the vessels are mapped continuously by Tom-Eigil Olavsrud, giving the inspectors and the crew a full overview of their total filter need.

Lekang Filter also assists the inspectors with technical support. An old diesel separator on the rescue boat RS 126 Harald V was recently replaced with KFWA automatic fuel treatment system.

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