Automatic fuel treatment system on a sea rescue vessel

The Norwegian Sea Rescue Society vessels have various filter solutions to meet the required diesel quality. The rescue vessel RS 126 Harald V had a separator cleaning the diesel system since the boat was new 18 years ago. The separator was ready for replacement and they decided to go for KFWA Main, a fully automatic diesel treatment system from Lekang Filter.

We have good experience with the automatic fuel treatment system from other rescue vessels. The new solution simplifies our maintenance. The separator that was replaced had to be cleaned. With the new system, we only need to change filters.”

Per Morten Larsen, Technical Inspector in the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society

Being the main supplier of filters to the Norwegian Sea Rescue Society, it is important for Lekang Filter to support the crew of the vessels to simplify their filter handling and to secure safe operations. All the vessels are mapped continuously by Tom-Eigil Olavsrud, giving the inspectors and the crew a full overview of their total filter need.