Welcome to our booth at the “Vei og Anlegg” fair 2108


The booth, consisting of a truck and a tent, is full of smart filter solutions and condition monitoring equipment. This year we have extra focus on diesel purity and oil quality. We will bring the dragster “Diesel Doris” down from 1st floor to show it during the event. You can also test your filter knowledge with Fleetguard Filterquiz.

Improved and safe operations provide increased efficiency and better economy for machine owners. If you have a critical machine in a production, we can help with additional filters that will improve your operational safety.

Tor Arne Nost has been working with machine maintenance for 40 years in “Bjønndalen Bruk”. They have mounted additional filters on the diesel- and hydraulic systems of a Hitachi dumper from 2007. After running 17 000 hours the dumper is still in full operation. So far, neither the Hydraulic pump nor the Diesel injectors have been replaced. A diesel prefilter with water separator that protects the diesel injectors can save you a lot of money.

There is also money to save on upgraded engine filters and by using prefilters on the air intake, desiccant breathers on the hydraulic tank and bypass filter on the hydraulic system.

New! Mobile Filter trolley to clean the diesel tanks and to refill diesel on the vehicle avoiding unwanted contamination.

With a particle counter on the hydraulic system you can monitor the quality of the oil, allowing you to have full control and change filters at the right time.

Emphasizing quality and facts, we offer a range of coolants having all the approvals from all major engine manufacturers. We focus on quality and not on color.

How about buying all your filters from one supplier? You can access “Lekang filtersystem”, including filter lists for your entire machine park and allowing you to order via our webshop.

Welcome to Lekang Stand C36!