The LFS film shows you the simple path to the right filters

The LFS film takes you into a web application of the future with filter numbers, machines and webshop. LFS simplifies your everyday business, which means you can focus on your core business.

In LFS – Lekang Filter System all customer service employees, machine owners, workshop foremen, spare part managers, chiefs and buyers can find the right filter for the right machine and order filters in the webshop at any time of the day. In the LFS universe, it is safe and easy to navigate around, and there is always a short way to customer service and technical support.

The web application covers filter needs in the construction, transport, agriculture, land-based industries, power production, marine, aquaculture and leisure boats markets.

This is what customers in different segments say about LFS

“Easy to find filters for all applications in LFS.”

“Quick and time saving with just one system and one filter supplier.”

“The updated machines in My Machine Park in LFS gives us a good overview of all filters in circulation.”

“LFS is a very useful tool that simplifies our everyday business.”

“LFS simplifies our filter handling and give us better control.”

“The order system in LFS webshop works very well.”

LFS was the very first filter system in the Nordic region

LFS is developed by Lekang Group for and together with our customers in various industries. Lekang Group consists of Lekang Filter in Norway and Filterteknik in Sweden, Denmark, and Finland. In 1980 we were the first in the Nordic region to create a filter system, to simplify our customers everyday business. We are the original, and by gathering the knowledge and data in one place, we are the customer’s filter expert.