Silent Care air cleaner provides a healthy indoor climate

Silent Care – quiet air cleaner for effective filtration of viruses, bacteria, pollutants and fine particles to provide healthy air in a private or public room.   

Clean air free of viruses, bacteria and other pollutants significantly improves our health. In rooms with a high number of people, the level of airborne pollutants can rise rapidly and thus increases significantly the risk of infections. As the level of fresh air cannot be guaranteed to the optimum level, Silent Care is the perfect solution. It filters air effectively, recycling the total volume of the room multiple times per hour to an extremely high efficiency ensuring ambient pollutant levels are minimized.

Above all it operates very quietly. The noise level of Silent Care is well below the average noise level of an office (50 – 60 dB(A)) and guarantees trouble-free operation.

Filtermedia with separation class H14

The three-layer filter media, certified according to the European standard EN 1822, ensures efficient filtration of almost all aerosols found in the ambient air of closed rooms. Thus, pollutants can be reduced to a minimum. The filtering micro glass fiber layer is embedded between two polyester fleeces. This prevents contact with the filter layer.

Silent Care is the perfect air cleaner in all rooms where different people are gathered or move around:

  • Office buildings
  • Waiting rooms
  • Meeting rooms
  • Residential buildings
  • Schools, universities, day care centers

For more information and technical specification, please download the brochure below.

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