“S/Y DET GODE LIV» at sea with filters from Separ


S/Y DET GODE LIV did an around the globe voyage, “Sailing The good Life – around The Globe 2014 – 2017”.

“During this trip we were surprised by bad weather when approaching the land of South Chile. At the same time we discovered contaminated diesel in the tanks. The fact that the boat was equipped with a Separ SWK-2000/5/50 KD diesel prefilter with water separator, which facilitated the drainage of water and impurities while the engine was being driven, proved to be absolutely essential in bringing the ship safely to the harbor.

After this experience, I give my best recommendations to filters from Separ and the filter supplier Lekang Maskin AS.

We are currently sailing “The Arctic Coastal Route” up the coast of Norway, a coastal stretch where even a sailboat is 100% dependent on being able to rely on the engine’s supply of diesel fuel.

A big thank you to Lekang Maskin AS for their support by providing us with Separ Duplex filter House SWK 2000550UDW01P30C01 including additional elements.”