Protect your AdBlue® system with Lekang® filterkit for bulk tanks

Contamination in AdBlue® tanks will cause wear and damage on the AdBlue® pump and AdBlue® injector. Lekang® AdBlue® filterkit for bulk tanks removes particles, dirt and crystallized urea from the AdBlue®. In this way, you will make sure that the fuel is free from particles when refueling.

With Lekang® AdBlue® filter kit, it is easy for you to refuel clean AdBlue® from a bulk tank. Lekang® AdBlue® filter kit includes filter housing, a filter element and hose connections. It is mounted on the pressure side, between the pump and the tank, and ensures that even the smallest particles will be removed during filling. The filter housing is made of polypropylene, which makes it resistant to high temperatures, fuels, chemicals and other corrosive materials.

Technical data:
Max working pressure: 8,6 bar
Max temp.: 52°C
Recommended max flow: 10 l/min

Ordering information:
Complete filterkit: 59813-KIT
Filterelement 5µm: 102655

Contact information:
Filterteknik, Sweden
Filterteknik, Denmark 
Lekang Filter, Norway 

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