Lekang Group upgrades LFS – web application for filter management

Lekang Group is launching a new version of LFS. LFS helps you to find the right filter for the right machine and simplifies filter purchases for the whole machine park. The first version of LFS was launched as early as 1980. Lekang Group has now upgraded the web application to optimize the user-friendliness and to secure easy filter management for customers.

LFS is a developed by Lekang Group. Lekang Group consists of Lekang Filter in Norway, Filterteknik in Denmark, Filterteknik in Sweden and Filterteknik in Finland. The LFS launch takes place in all countries.

”We have been collecting machine and filter data since 1970, when Lekang Filter was established in Norway. In 1980 we were the first in the Nordic region to create a filter system, to simplify our customers everyday business. We are the original, and by gathering the knowledge and data in one place, we are the customer’s filter expert. Together with our customers we have developed LFS, so that they can easily find the right filter for the right machine”, says Per-Arne Forsman, CEO of Lekang Group.

LFS simplifies customers everyday business

LFS users get access to a variety of features such as:

  • Identify the right filter for the right machine – Search for the cross-reference or dimensions of the filter you have in place and find a product with the same quality, or even better, than the original. There are over 400.000 cross-references in the system that are relevant for the Nordic market.
  • Search for machines – since 1980, Lekang Group has collected information about machines and which filters that are applied to them. These machines are available as standard machines, and there are over 37.000 machines in the system. Every year, about 1.000 new standard machines are set up.
  • Build your own machine park – by adding all the machines or applications that exist in one customers machine park, the customer will get an overview of all filters and service intervals. The machine park option is always available, both in mobile and desktop environments.
  • Manage customers – it is possible to manage your own customers in LFS, which is a huge asset for resellers. By building machine parks for customers, it is easy to help them find the right filters.
  • Efficient e-commerce – through a modern and efficient webshop, with over 20.000 items, customers can handle purchases from both mobile and desktop environments. It is easy to follow the entire order status in LFS – find status per order, package tracking and receive live updates about changes.

Three employees work on a daily basis to develop LFS, like data controlling, information and to develop the functionality. Per-Arne Forsman, CEO of Lekang Group explains how LFS support the customers everyday business.

”LFS is a service for our customers. Having the right filter for the right machine, our customers can focus on their own business. They achieve higher productivity by avoiding unnecessary downtime and can focus on a sustainable profitability for themselves.”

In addition to offering customers LFS, Lekang Group is a strong and long-term supplier of high-quality filters and contamination monitoring equipment to a various number of applications such as diesel engines, hydraulics, lubricant, process, water, dust, ventilation, compressed air to name a few. Lekang Group consists of over 70 employees and has 50 years of filter experience.

How to get started with LFS
Please contact any of the Customers Service in the contact details for each country below.