Lekang Filter visiting Goldfish Boat

Lekang Filter AS in Norway made a visit to Goldfish Boat AS together with two representatives from the SEPAR filter manufacturer Willibrord Lösing Filtertechnik.  

On the top picture from left: Jørgen Ekeberg, Goldfish Boats, Hamidreza Afrassiabi, Lekang Filter, Thomas Held and Dirk Zimmer from Willibrord Lösing Filtertechnik and Rune Lekang from Lekang Filter. 

Goldfish Boat AS 

Goldfish Boat AS in Norway, has since long put themselves on the map with their specially designed high-speed RIB boats. Soon, they will be moving to a new facility located in Son. 

Goldfish Boat is an OEM manufacturer of RIB boats for the private and professional markets. They have, among other things, supplied boats to the Norwegian Armed Forces and the police maritime service. 

SEPAR SWK pre-filters with water separators are installed on Goldfish RIB models.  

SEPAR SWK filters are robust, high-quality filter housings with class approvals.  

During the visit, we were given a tour of the workshop by Jørgen Ekeberg, who is a Service Engineer. One of the boats under production, equipped with a Yanmar engine, was ready for the installation of two pre-filters. 

Thank you so much to the Goldfish Boat team for allowing us to visit! 

Go to the reference about Separ filters for Goldfish Boats to see technical data and pictures of the mounted filters  

SEPAR SWK diesel fuel pre-filter with water separator for pleasure boats and work boats.  

The robust pre-filters were originally installed on many diesel generators and diesel engines used in construction, transportation, agriculture, and marine industries. SEPAR filters can also be easily retrofitted to achieve better diesel quality. 

Safer boat trips at sea with SEPAR SWK pre-filters on the diesel engine:  

  • Prevent engine failure because of clogged filters with water contamination.  
  • Less risk of water in the diesel system and damage on engine components.
  • Filter housing with water bowl makes the water drainage easy to do.
  • Possible to backflush if the filter is clogged, and you do not have a spare filter.
  •   The duplex version allows you to change filters while in operation.
  •  Capacities from 5 to 260 l/m.
  • Approvals/Certificates. 

The Separ filter products are engineered and manufactured by Willibrord Lösing Filtertechnik, and Lekang Group companies are importers in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.