How does the novel Coronavirus affect our filter deliveries?


Updated 6. April 2020

What about our deliveries?

All filter deliveries from Filterteknik Denmark, Filterteknik Sweden and Lekang Filter Norway are currently running as normal. We are in continuous contact with our partners and suppliers, and we will notify our customers in case of any changes re the situation.

Some of our suppliers have some restrictions. We handle this through our normal buffer stock and alternative suppliers to meet future needs. Our purchase department is working daily to manage risk and secure our deliveries.

How is the situation for our suppliers?

Our main suppliers have so far not been strongly affected by the outbreak. Some suppliers have taken some actions and put in extra personnel to secure their production and supply chain.

Can the virus infect through parcels?

According to the Public Health Authorities in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and their knowledge from similar previous outbreaks, it shows that this type of virus infects from sick people, and not through parcels.

How does Lekang Group take actions?

Lekang Filter in Norway, Filterteknik in Denmark and Sweden are still running as usual, following the advices from the Public Health Authorities in each country. There may be some differences between our three countries.

  • In Norway, Sweden and Denmark all customer visits are cancelled from Monday, March 16th.
  • In Norway and Denmark all employees with work that allows home-offices will work from their homes from Monday, March 16th.
  • For those still present at our offices and warehouses, we will be very careful about hand hygiene and to keep a certain distance to each other and to those who deliver and pick up goods.
  • We will strictly follow the quarantine rules and take no risk whatsoever on suspicion of infection.