Des-Case breathers with non-toxic silica gel

Des-Case breathers, with non-toxic silica gel, removes moisture and particles down to the size of 3 micron in oil reservoirs. It is a disposable filter, which provides a fast and easy service.

70-80% of all moisture in hydraulic systems and gearboxes comes through the breathing of the tank. Because of condensation it is important to use desiccant breathers that removes moisture contamination. Lekang Group now presents the Des-Case news – a disposable breathing filter that contains non-toxic silica gel. The disposable filter makes the service and handling quick and simple. You can easily replace the all-in-one filter housing.


  • Improve oil lifetime
  • Less oxidation caused by condensation
  • Reduce damage and wear on machines and components
  • The lifetime of the applications will increase and the risk for down time will be reduced

Desiccants breathers are used on mobile hydraulics, industrial hydraulics, lubricating oil systems, diesel tanks, transformers and gearboxes.

RMF desiccant breathers

We also offer different types of desiccant breathers from RMF, which is designed to be repaired and maintained with spare parts. Instead of replacing the entire filter housing, you only replace the desiccants – the non-toxic silica gel. What is most profitable depends on your working environment. We help you find the right solution for your specific business.