Filter elements, cartridges and bag filters for process filter housings
Gaskets for strainers and temporary strainers


We offer a wide range of complete filter housings and high-quality strainers for process Selection of filter housings and filter elements must be adapted to each project in terms of capacity, pressure, media (viscosity), temperature, purity class and other specifications.

Process filter elements from Amazon

Filter housings can be supplied with filter elements, bag filters or baskets according to standards such as NORSOK, BS and API for oil and gas. They will also comply with FDA, USP and EC Food for the food industry.

Strainers from Barton Firtop

Simplex, Duplex and Y-strainers with baskets from Bartop Firtop can be delivered with robust design according to NORSOK, BS and API standards for oil and gas. There is no capacity limit. Material options: SS361L, duplex, super duplex and titanium.

Process filter housings