Strainer and automatic filter for the “Sun and Earth” Fountain  

Lekang Filter in Norway is proud to be the supplier of water filters for the “Sun and Earth” Fountain in Oslo. Hamidreza Afrassiabi, Technical Manager at Lekang Filter, has been working closely together with Vegard Varsi, Technical Manager at Ceva, on this project.  

Ceva AS  in Norway is a multidisciplinary service company that offers plumbing services, technical service, and water treatment to the public, private, and commercial buildings. The strainer and automatic filter for water treatment of the “Sun and Earth” Fountain, have been part of an extensive rehabilitation project that began in November 2021 and was completed in 2022. Due to water scarcity in Oslo last year, the water in the fountain was only turned on in 2023. 

The “Sun and Earth” Fountain is located at Christian Frederik’s Square outside the Oslo Central Station. The fountain’s technical room, which is situated beneath the square itself, had been filled with sea water for several years. Therefore, all technical components had to be replaced. The two water filters are part of the upgrade for the purification of the return water, with a capacity of 270 m3/h. 

Coarse filtration of the return water occurs in the pre-filter, which is a 12″ strainer. After the pump, the water is fine-filtered in a 12″ automatic filter. After two stages of filtration, the clean water circulates back to the waterfall in the fountain. 

Lekang Filter is a reliable and service-oriented supplier with whom we have had a positive collaboration in connection with the “Sun and Earth” project.

Vegard Varsi, Technical Manager, Ceva AS

Lekang Group contact details 

Go to YouTube video by Oslo municipality “Bymiljøetaten” showing the story about the fountain and the different parts of the rehabilitation project (in Norwegian)