Lekang filtersystem (LFS) is an online tool that manages all filters to your machines. For more than 30 years, we have built a unique database of filter data, machines and e-commerce in Lekang Group. Lekang filtersystem has over 2000 users in the Nordic region.

The more machines you work with, the more suppliers and filter numbers you need to control. Many of our current customers have large mechanical equipment with vehicles, machinery and other equipment that rely on the right filter to keep production running.

With LFS you will find the correct filter number and we deliver filters to all machines. With complete machine lists you get full control. Many vehicles and machines are in work 24 hours a day, and there are several people who maintain them. When you get lists over all filters you use on your machines, it becomes easy to get an overview and where they are placed. It is also possible to link the lists to your own warehouse and storage locations to easily get a replacement when it’s time to make a filter change.

You get:

  • Correct filters to the every machine
  • Updated filter lists over your mechanical equipment
  • High quality filters for optimal protection for your machines
  • All filters from one supplier
  • Smoother maintenance and lower operating costs
  • Search by Filter Number to get replacement filter and technical data
  • E-commerce

Standard machines are already set up and can easily be adapted, for example, for rebuilding of existing equipment. You can also create and upload your own unique machines in LFS. With LFS, you easy get control and a good overview of your entire machinery, we simplify your everyday lives and make it safe and easy.