Power Production

Filters for power production

We know how important it is for the energy sector to keep production running and to avoid unplanned production stoppages, for all its customers. Filters ofhigh quality and correct filtration solutions allow production to run according to plan while keeping maintenance costs down.

Where you have a need for filtration, we offer a solution. We’ve got the right skills and high quality filters. We’re already a supplier to several different companies in cogeneration, hydropower, wind power and biofuel. This means that we have extensive experience and knowledge in the area to find the right solution for you. We offer a complete filter program for turbine, lubrication and hydraulic oils, process water, condensate and filters for spare power generators.

Compressed air

In a compressed air system impurities are unavoidable. Dust, dirt, water and oil pollution can reduce air quality and affect system efficiency. Not filtering enough or filtering incorrectly can affect performance and cause expensive downtime. We have products that deliver up to 99.999% filtration efficiency for particles as small as 0.01 micron.

Main products

  • Laboratory Services
  • Filter products in turbine, lubrication hydraulics, fuel, water and ventilation
  • Lending of filter systems for evaluation by customer
  • Rental of filter units and oil generators (vacuum/heat)
  • Mapping out all filters on a plant. For example, we help you to compile what filters you use and need.
  • Training programs within filtration adapted to different levels of knowledge