Filter and filter solutions for marine applications

For decades, we have provided regular shipping customers with filter packages for fleets of supply ships, gas tankers, ferries, fishing vessels, guards and various work vessels.

Daily we receive requests for filter numbers and complete filter packages. We focus on fast response, correct filters and right delivery.

We map out filters on all types of vessels and make machine lists in our web application LFS. Then you get a full list of your filter needs, and it’s easier to control requests and purchases, especially for those with a big fleet. It will be safe and easy to get the right filter for the right machine. With the web application LFS you can collect all purchases from one supplier and shop online.

Main Products

  • Filter packages for diesel engines, aggregates, compressors, and hydraulic systems
  • Filter units and filters with water separator for fuel oil
  • Hydraulic, lubricating and gauge filters
  • Filter elements and complete bilge water separators
  • Coalescing filters for oil vapor and crankcase ventilation filter
  • Oil treatment equipment for hydraulics and gear
  • Automatic filters for all types of applications
  • Simplex, duplex and Y-strainers
  • Pneumatic filters and absorption dryers
  • Water and process filter
  • Ventilation Filter (HVAC)
  • Lubricating oil pumps
  • Condition monitoring