Filter Trolleys Hydraulic


Filter trolleys for hydraulic and lubricating oil maintenance.

Clean oil is a must for machines and vehicles in order to work properly with the lowest possible operating costs. When ordinary filtration is not enough to keep the hydraulic or lubrication oil free from contamination, we do recommend extra filtration by a filter trolley. They are easy to use in case of temporary problems or for preventive purposes. The filter trolley removes particles and water from the oil. The oil lasts longer, while you prevent unnecessary wear and tear in the system.

Lekang Group supplies mobile filter trolleys you can easily move around between different locations.

Why do I use a filter trolley?

To ensure that the system is filled/refilled with high quality oil.
• Hydraulic systems maintenance at regular intervals, as a complement to standard filtration
• To clean up the hydraulic system before restarting after downtime.
• For filling and cleaning hydraulic systems on new or rebuilt machines and equipment.
• To clean contaminated hydraulic oil
• To quickly drain hydraulic systems

MP Filtri GRF015 – Mobile filter unit

Removes particles in hydraulic oil (mineral oil) when you need to fill the tank with new oil, or to clean up in a hydraulic system. Small, light weght and easy to use. Capacity: 15 l/min

Argo-Hytos FA series – Mobile filter units with particle counter

Removes water and particles in hydraulic and lubricating oils. Compact design and high filtration capacity. Option: 24 VDC motor. Capacity: 16 l/min.

Lekang FM 027 – Filter trolley with frequency converter

Removes free water and particles in hydraulic and lubricating oils. The filter trolley works both as a pump and a filter trolley. The trolley filters both free water and particles in oils from 7.5 and up to 1000 cSt. Capacity: 27 l/min