HVAC panel filters, pocket filters, filter rolls and filter mats

Efficient ventilation systems are critical for our health and will also affect energy consumption. By choosing high quality HVAC filters, you keep harmful particles away while saving energy. The cheapest way to improve ventilation systems is by improving filter efficiency.

Filterteknik in Sweden and Denmark offer a wide range of air filters for ventilation from General Filter. General Filter products are certified according to Eurovent, which means that the product quality is guaranteed against what is stated in all documentation.

Lekang Filter in Norway offers Norwegian-produced high-quality air filters for ventilation with short lead time. Interfil has a state-of-the-art test laboratory that meets today’s stringent requirements for testing of ventilation filters.


HVAC filters product range:

  • Pocket filters
  • Panel filters
  • Carbon filters
  • Filter mats
  • HVAC filter media rolls


From 01.07.2018, the new ISO standard applies to all ventilation filters. The previous standard (EN 779: 2012) is discontinued, and the classifications such as M, F and H cannot be translated directly into the new PM classes.

Benefits of ISO16890

  • Products will be easier to compare, which will result in low-performance products being eliminated
  • The test method and classification system are more identical to real pollution
  • The new standard facilitates global trade

The new filter classes – in principle
The filters are measured and classified separately for particles in three different size fractions, and a numeric designation shows the level of filter separation. The filters are declared with both class and separation capacity in weight percent, where the percentage is rounded down to the nearest figure of five. To obtain a classification, a filter must separate at least 50 weight percent of the particles in the actual size fraction class.