Spin-on filter elements with or without additives, for all coolants


Filter lement for coolant, item no WF2077

We offer a complete Fleetguard product range for cooling systems. We recommend that you replace coolant filters and coolants according to recommended service intervals or based on test strips results.

If you use a traditional coolant with nitrate-based DCAs (additives), use cooling water filter with DCA which will boost the system into the correct value. It will counteract corrosion and cavitation on engine components. The filter itself removes waste materials and particles that prevent wear on pump packs and increased consumption of DCA.

Today, there are also coolants based on OAT (Organic Acid Technology), and then the cooling water filters should not contain DCA.

Fleetguard filters for cooling water

Fleetguard filters for cooling water have the best warranty on the market. We supply Fleetguard original cooling water filters and ES (Extended Service) cooling water filters with bigger impurity capacity for long service intervals.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for Fleetguard cooling water filters

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