Filter trolleys and mobile filter units for hydraulic- and lube oil maintenance

You can save a lot by having clean oil in hydraulic systems – both time and money. 80% of the shutdowns in a hydraulic system are due to contamination. The hydraulic oil is not clean even if the oil is new. Particles passing moving parts in the system cause wear, and water and condensation affect the quality of the oil. We supply several types of filter trolleys and mobile filter units for hydraulic systems.

Mobile Filter Unit from MP Filtri

Removes particles in the hydraulic oil (mineral oil) when refilling the tank with new oil or cleaning up in a hydraulic system. Capacity: 15 l/min.

FA series – Mobile filter units with Argo-Hytos particle counter

Removes water and particles in hydraulic and lubricating oils. Compact design and high filtration capacity. Option with 24 VDC engine. Capacity: 16 l/min

Filter trolley with frequency converter from Lekang

Removes free water and particles from hydraulic and lubricating oils. The filter trolley works both as a pump and a trolley. It filters both free water and particles in the oil from 7,5 to 1000 cSt. Capacity: 27 l/min.

Filter housings for hydraulic systems.

Circulation filters (External Loop) for hydraulic systems.

Oil quality sensors for hydraulic systems.

Particle counters for hydraulic systems.