Online and offline external loop filters – filter units – for lube- and hydraulic oil maintenance


You can save a lot by having clean oil in hydraulic systems – both time and money. 80% of the shutdowns in a hydraulic system are due to contamination. The hydraulic oil is not clean even if the oil is new. Particles passing moving parts in the system cause wear, and water and condensation affect the quality of the oil.

We offer a wide range of complete filter housings for mobile, industrial and other applications with hydraulic systems and HPU facilities on vessels. Selection of filter housings and elements must be adjusted according to capacity, pressure, media (viscosity), temperature, purity class and more.

RMF hydraulic filter unit with extremely high efficiency

The filter units with external loop remove water and particles in a hydraulic system, and it comes with filter elements with a fineness of 0.5 micron. If you have problems with a large amount of water content in the oil, we can offer solutions for extra water absorption. For critical hydraulic systems, we recommend RMF filter units with CMS (Contamination Monitoring System) particle counter.

• Online (by-pass) filter unit without pump. Filters the oil when the system operates.
• Offline filter unit with pump. Filters the oil continuously, regardless of operation.

Filter housing (pressure filter) for hydraulics from a wide range of brands