Cabin Air Filter


Heavy-duty cabin air filters and ventilation system.

Machine operators is a major and important professional group for the market in general. They spend most of their working day in the cabin. The machines operate in environments with big weather variations and environments with different amounts of dust and particles in the air. Clean air quality in the cabin ensures good health for the machine operator. The EN 15695 standard applies for agriculture in Europe.

Our recommendation is that you choose a high-quality cabin air filter or panel filter and follow the service intervals. We have long experience with cabin air filters and can assist you with customizations. We offer a wide range of cabin air filters from well-known brands, such as Fleetguard and MANN FILTER.

We also provide cabin air filters with the same efficiency as for anti-dust mouth masks fineness P3, (Efficiency: 99.95% according to EN 143) that corresponds to HEPA H13 (Filter Class for Ventilation Filter, which also applies to cab filter).


Lekang cabin air ventilation system

The Lekang cabin ventilation system provides optimal ventilation and protects against damaging dust during heavy-duty operations. The system operates with three speeds.