Lube Filter


Lube filters for diesel engines. Centrifugal oil cleaners.

The wear of a diesel engine is directly related to how clean the engine oil is. In order to prevent damaging components in the engine caused by small particles in the oil, you must use the right filter to the right machine. We recommend that you observe service intervals.

For optimal lube filters performance, the different characteristics must be at least according to the engine manufacturer’s requirements. The filter must not have internal leakage, it must withstand full oil pressure without collapsing and of course have sufficient contamination capacity. Machines that operates in rough environments, will often need better filters than the filters that are installed from the start. This gives you safe operation and increased service life of the machine. Our employees have long experience and can give good advices about these issues.

There are different types of oil filtration:

  • Full flow filtration
  • By-pass filtration
  • A combination of full flow filtration and by-pass filtration
  • Centrifugal

Fleetguard lube filters

Fleetguard filters have the best warranty on the market. We supply Fleetguard original high-quality lube filters and ES (Extended Service) lube filter. They provide better protection for the engine components, longer service intervals and increased engine life. Fleetguard ES lube filters have Stratapore media. The new generation oil filter from Fleetguard has the unique Nanonet media and is the only filter that significantly eliminates wear-causing contamination.

MANN lube filters

MANN FILTER is known for their high quality and deliver filters to original equipment manufacturers. Their filters for the aftermarket of course keep the same high quality.

MANN+HUMMEL Centrifugal oil cleaners

We supply the well-known FM series from MANN + HUMMEL with centrifugal filter housing for lubricating oil. The by-pass filter purifies the oil by generating a centrifugal force of 2000 times gravity.

MANN+HUMMEL centrifuge FM series demo-video