DEF/AdBlue Filter


DEF-AdBlue® filter elements and filter kit. AdBlue® storage tank filter housing kit.

Emission regulations for diesel engines are strict. Many machines are equipped with an AdBlue® tank that helps in cleaning the exhaust and reduce harmful emissions. AdBlue® consists of chemically pure urea and demineralized water. The liquid is injected into the exhaust gas, which converts nitrogen oxides into harmless nitrogen and water.

AdBlue® tanks create contamination, which can damage the pump and the injector. With a filter between the AdBlue® tank and the diesel engine, you remove particles, dirt and crystallized urea and protect your engine.
We supply AdBlue® quality filters and AdBlue® filter kits, same as urea filter, that protect your diesel engine.

Lekang Group supplies a wide range of DEF/AdBlue filter elements and filter kit.

Lekang® AdBlue® filter housing kit no. 59813-KIT –
Removes particles and dirt when you fill AdBlue® liquid from the storage tank.

For machines with an Adblue® tank it is important that the tank is never empty. Running the system dry will damage the components. Replacing components or cleaning the system may be expensive. Therefore, it is important to always have AdBlue® available, by having a storage tank.

Lekang® AdBlue® filter kit makes it easy for you to fill clean AdBlue® from the bulk tank. The filter kit includes filter housing, filter elements and hose connections. It is mounted on the pressure side, after the pump and ensures that even the smallest particles will be removed during filling. The filter housing is made of polypropylene, which makes it resistant to high temperatures, fuels, chemicals and other corrosive materials.