Filter Housings/Elements Compressed Air

Walker Filterhousing

Filter elements and filter housings for compressed air and vacuum.

Lekang Group supplies a wide range of filter housings and filter elements for dust, particles, water and oil contamination from Walker Filtration.

  • Capacity: 10 Nm³/t – 27 354 Nm³/t
  • Max pressure: 350 bar
  • Max temperature: 250°C. 
  • Filter elements designed with colour codes
  • Filter elements micron: 0,01 µm - 25 µm
  • Full material traceability  
  • Replacement filter elements of OEM quality

Pressure filter Housing series:

  • Coalescing filters
  • Water separators
  • Particulate filters, single/duplex
  • Filter housings for vacuum pumps

Walker Filtration also manufactures a complete range of filters for food and beverage industries and filters in stainless steel.