Oil purifiers for lube- and hydraulic oil maintenance

You can save a lot by having clean oil in hydraulic systems – both time and money. 80% of the shutdowns in a hydraulic system are due to contamination. The hydraulic oil is not clean even if the oil is new. Particles passing moving parts in the system cause wear, and water and condensation affect the quality of the oil.

We offer a wide range of filter housing and oil purifiers for mobile, industrial and other applications with hydraulic systems as well as HPU plants on vessels.

RMF oil purifiers

We also deliver RMF oil purifiers for maintenance of big hydraulic systems. Oil purifiers remove particles, gases and water. They are designed to be mounted and fully automatic operations on plants in industry, ships, oil and gas.

Mini Water Vac can maintain an oil volume up to 3000 liters. Capacity 1,5 liters/min.

Maxi Water Vac can maintain an oil volume over 3000 liters. Capacity 8 liters/min.

External loop filter for hydraulic systems