Standard air filter housings for replacement filter elements and all-in-one air filter housings.
Sy-Klone prefilters for air filter housing protection in rough environments.
Breathing filters for breathing air on hydraulic tanks.

A modern 16-liter diesel engine with electronic injection and intercooler provides over 40.000 liters of air per minute. In rough environments with a lot of dust, there are strict requirements on air filters performance. 250 grams of dirt in the form of solid contaminants will be enough to wear out a diesel engine. The air filter system on a machine is initially dimensioned according to normal operating conditions. If there is a need for more frequent maintenance, we recommend making changes to reduce engine wear.

We have many years of experience in rebuilding and adapting air filter systems. We can help you with optimal solutions. If you clean the air filter by blowing compressed air through the filter, be aware that this method will destroy the filters. A better option is to use an indicator that shows when the filter is dense and needs to be changed.

We supply exchangeable filter housings, pre-cleaners, filter elements, indicators and related items like hoses and adapters for mobile applications.

Air filter housings from Fleetguard

Fleetguard air filters have the best warranty on the market. We offer Fleetguard original high-quality air filters and ES (Extended Service) air filters with higher impurity capacity. It provides better protection of engine components, longer service intervals and increased engine life.

OptiAir is a compact plastic air filter housing with high efficiency.
Direct Flow air filter housing is designed to meet Tier IV and equivalent requirements from engine manufacturers for more environmentally friendly engines. Extremely compact and with an extra prefilter for tough conditions.
Eco air filters have compact disposable filter housing.
Sy-Klone pre-cleaners remove dust and snow before it reaches the air filter, and extends the life of the filter elements.

Filter elements for air filter housings

RMF desiccant breathers 

Breathing filters on hydraulic tanks (reservoirs) ensure clean and dry airflow. Without breathing filters, the oil will deteriorate by condensation. The tank will oxidize, and on other components of the system will be damaged.  The RMF breathing filters consists of a spin-on filter element (3 micron fiberglass) and filter housing with Silicagel (environmentally friendly moisture absorbing pellets). We also offer a wide range of carbon filters, a robust design that can withstand strong vibrations and filter in SS316L.

Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Silicagel in RMF breathing filter

AXTech chose RMF breathing filters for an accumulator on an offshore crane

Des-Case desiccant breather, item number DC-3ZRNEWS! Des-Case desiccant breathers

Des-Case breathers, with non-toxic silica gel, removes moisture and particles down to the size of 3 micron in oil reservoirs. It is a disposable filter, which provides a fast and easy repair.