Fuel spin-on filters with or without water separator –  filter elements for fuel filter housings


On new HPCR (High Pressure Common Rail) motors, tolerances are low due to strict emission requirements. Both water and particles cause damages to the diesel injectors, which in turn reduces engine efficiency. Incorporation of biodiesel is also a source of increased bacterial growth.

Fleetguard fuel filter

Fleetguard filters have the best warranty on the market. We supply Fleetguard original high-quality filters and ES (Extended Service) fuel filter. They provide better protection for the diesel injection system, longer service intervals and increased engine life. Fleetguard ES fuel filters have Stratapore media. The new generation fuel filter from Fleetguard has the unique Nanonet Media and is the only filter that significantly eliminates wear-causing contamination and maximizes the life of the fuel injection components.

MANN fuel filter

MANN FILTER is known for their high quality and deliver filters to original equipment manufacturers. Their filters for the aftermarket of course keep the same high quality.

Fuel filtration in 3 steps, that helps you to protect your machine and save money

  • Stage 1 – Fuel storage tank filtration
    Think extra filtration all the way from the fuel storage tank. With water-absorbing filter on the fuel storage tank, the amount of water and particles is reduced before the fuel reaches the tank on the machine.
  • Stage 2 – Fuel water separation
    Many new machines are delivered without diesel prefilters. The standard filter installed on the engine will not be able to remove all particles and water. A fuel water separator removes both water and particles and protects the diesel injectors. We offer fuel water separators from Fleetguard in a variety of capacities and options like heater. Protecting the diesel injectors will save you a lot of maintenance costs.
  • Step 3 – Engine fuel filtration
    If you have diesel quality problems or if you use the machines in rough conditions, we recommend that you upgrade the fuel filter to a high-quality fuel filter with Stratapore or Nanonet-media.

Fuel filter housings

Filter trolleys for diesel maintenance