Fleetguard high quality coolants reduce the needs for service intervals


You need to choose a coolant that is approved by the manufacturer of your engine and meets the international quality requirements for coolant:

  • ASTM D-6210 for off highway and marine
  • ASTM D-4985 for trucks and buses
  • ASTM D-3306 for passenger cars

Fleetguard high quality coolant meets the above requirements. Fleetguard coolant gives you optimal protection against cylinder pitting and corrosion down to -37 degrees at 50/50 mix (normal) and down to -54 degrees at 60/40 mix.

Fleetcool OAT coolant for all vehicles – lifetime coolant – make it simple!

Today new engines need organic coolant. Fleetcool OAT Coolant from Fleetguard is an organic EG (ethylene glycol) coolant that you can safely use for the entire machine park. With proper maintenance the coolant lasts the entire lifetime of the engine and do not need not be replaced.

  • Organic coolant for the entire machine park. Off highway, trucks, buses, passenger cars and heavy-duty engines. Manufacturer Approvals (Link).
  • “Lifetime” coolant. Last the entire engine lifetime with proper replenishment of pre-mixed Fleetcool OAT coolant. Coolant filter without DCA additives.
  • Annual quality check with 4-way test strips.

Read our reference with Martiniussen on why they chose OAT Fleetcool

ES Compleat coolant

ES Compleat coolant from Fleetguard is an EC (ethylene glycol) based coolant.

  • For off highway and heavy-duty engines.
  • Miscible with other coolants (Fleetguard warranty will not be valid applicable)
  • “Longlife” coolant. Last the entire engine lifetime, with proper replenishment of DCA additives or replacement of coolant water filters with DCA additives.
  • 3-way test strips for quality check.

Packing units for all Fleetguard coolants: 5 liters, 20 liters, 208 liters (barrels) and 1000 liters. Fleetguard coolant is also supplied with propylene glycol (PG).

Fleetguard lifetime coolants compared to standard coolants.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for ES Compleat and Fleetcool OAT coolants from Fleetguard.

Fleetguard filters for coolant water.

Fleetguard cleaners for coolant water.