Welcome to Lekang Group
Our vision is to simplify our customers everyday business through knowledge, quality and efficient services. Lekang Group is a strong and long-term supplier of high quality filters for Constrution, Off-Higway, Marine, Offshore, Industrial and Process markets. We are 70 people altogether in Scandinavia to support you with filter issues.

Lekang Group products and service
Please go to Products menu for filter products for Ship and Offshore. Lekang filtersystem is our unique system for easier filter maintenance for ship and shipowners. For OEM and Offshore projects we offer customized filter solutions. Lekang Group project team

For the Construction, On-Highway, Agriculture, filter products for diesel engines and hydraulic systems, please click your flag at the top of the page.

We have 7000 unique filters on stock. Warehouse, customer service and technical support in all Lekang Group companies.